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1. How to place an order?
It can't be more simple. You just need to create an account on our Cellu-cup website. After your order has been checked, you can pay with credit card or Paypal.
2. Your price are in Euro but I live in a country with a different currency, is it possible to order anyway?
The currency in use in your country is not a problem. Just pay the amount in Euro with your credit card or Paypal, and the banks will do the change.
3. In which country do you deliver?
Cellu-cup can be delivered everywhere in the world. Only the shipping tracking varies according to the country.
4. Can you deliver to alternative shipping address?
Of course, you can be delivered anywhere it's the most convenient for you. You just need to mention the address in "shipping address" section


1. I am pregnant, can I massage with Cellu-cup?

You can use Cellu-cup during pregnancy if you follow some very simple rules:
• You do not have stretch marks during healing on the area to be treated (purple / pink appearance). If you have old ones that are scarred (white appearance), it's not a problem.
• do not use it on your stomach (it goes without saying but we prefer to prevent ... we see everything!).
• use it with a product (be it your shower gel, cream or oil) that you already know. This is not the time to introduce a new product to which you could make an allergic reaction. Beware of the presence of essential oils in some products. If in doubt, ask your pharmacist for advice.

After pregnancy:
• you can massage your stomach (we advise you to sit on your back and circle around the navel) if you have not had a caesarean section and your belly does not have stretch marks.
• If you are breastfeeding, pay attention to essential oils, some go into milk and others may interfere with lactation.
2. The area I want to massage is tattooed, can I use it anyway?

In the case of a tattoo, it is better to wait 6 months to massage the area concerned. Indeed, the tattoo comes to create a subcutaneous inflammation that should not come to inflam more with a massage.

3. Can we use it in the belly?

It is quite possible to use the Cellu-cup on your belly.
We advise you in this case to lie on your back to make the area to massage the more "flat" possible.
Then perform your massage by circling around the belly button. Do not go directly on the navel, it will bring air into the Cellu-cup and it will "let go" the massage, which will make it tedious ...

4. I can really feel the massage intensity... even too much ! It hurts !

The massage with Cellu-cup can be painful on the first sessions, especially if your cellulite is fibrous (and therefore, "hooked" on other tissues). In that case :
• do not completely empty the air from the cup. The fold of skin will be less important and the massage shallower
• manage the time of your session: do only 3 / 4min on the first sessions and gradually increase the massage time.
• leave a day off: only massage one day out of two in the attack phase!

5. Following a massage with Cellu-cup, a hematoma appeared. Is it serious ?

The appearance of a hematoma following care with Cellu-cup may occur. It can result either from misuse (remember not to leave your static cup on the skin without movement) or from a weakened network of superficial blood vessels. If this is the case, we advise you to suspend for a few days your Cellu-cup treatment (until complete disappearance of the bruises) and to try again later.


1. After how long will I see the result?

By massaging every other day, the first "real" results will appear after 3 weeks. It depends of course on one person to another ... some will see the result after only 3 sessions (which is mainly related to the fact that the skin produces more collagen under the effect of the massage and thus makes the skin more pretty !). Our complete cure is over 6 weeks.

2. All I did was no use, everything came back!
The body of women is "programmed" to store and so for some, cellulite comes back regularly. That's why we advise you to keep one massage a week once the cure is over to preserve your results. And do not hesitate to increase the weekly frequency if you know that you have made some discrepancies (Xmas periods, holidays, etc.).

Face, neck, bust: Boost your care with Glowcup!

During our life, the marks of time (wrinkles, dark circles, pockets, old acne scars ...) are more present on the face. This evolution is normal and the way to counter it radically does not exist yet ... However, Glow cup is the accessory that can slow the effects of time on the skin. ... the sucker for face Glow cup helps you alleviate all these small defects.

How? The technique is simple: by massaging your face with Glowcup with appropriate care (rich cream, eye contour ...). These cupping treatments stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and tone the facial muscles. The skin simply becomes more beautiful, more luminous. The massage performed with the suction cup for face also has the advantage of activating the blood microcirculation. The skin, stimulated, is more radiant.

To suit all skin types and all areas of the face, stroke and bust, Glow cup care consists of two suction cups: Glow for larger and Miniglow for targeted or sensitive areas. Glow cups have become the essential accessory of all beauty addicts.

To find out more about your skin, the care to be performed on a daily basis, cupping care, do not hesitate to read our different sections.
Many tips await you.


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