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1. How to place an order?

It can't be more simple. You just need to create an account on our Glow-cup website. After your order has been checked, you can pay with credit card or Paypal.

2. Your price are in Euro but I live in a country with a different currency, is it possible to order anyway?

The currency in use in your country is not a problem. Just pay the amount in Euro with your credit card or Paypal, and the banks will do the change.

3. In which country do you deliver?

Glowcup can be delivered everywhere in the world. Only the shipping tracking varies according to the country.

4. Can you deliver to alternative shipping address?

Of course, you can be delivered anywhere it's the most convenient for you. You just need to mention the address in "shipping address" section.


1. Glowcup doesn't adhere to my face.

Glowcup was designed to offer you the sweetest massage. Its small size was especially created, so it doesn't contain much air. To apply it properly, you have to pinch it to get rid of the air, and to simultaneously press it onto your skin. Then you can move it to begin the massage. Check out our video tutorial !

2. Glowcup doesn't slide on my skin.

You are probably using a moisturizing cream that isn't greasy enough, or your skin may be absorbing the cream too quickly. Try again with a greasier skin cream (a "rich" night cream, a balm, a vegetable butter…) or our cream "Bien dans ta peau" that was especially conceived for Glowcup massages.

3. On some areas of my face, Glowcup peels off.

Depending on your face shape (as well as your neck and cleavage shape), it is possible that Glowcup doesn't adhere properly to some areas of your face (for instance : your forehead, your cheekbones, your jaw). You can still carry on with your massage, avoiding these areas and adapting your movements. To each their face shape, to each their massage gestures !

4. The massage feels very efficient... maybe too efficient ! My skin is red and itchy.

Massaging with Glowcup activates your blood microcirculation and can make your skin red. The microcirculation of your blood can also cause an itching sensation. This is all perfectly normal : it means your massage is working ! If that sensation feels uncomfortable, you can reduce the number of massage movements with your Glowcup.

5. After a Glowcup massage, a hematoma (a bruise) appeared. Is it serious ?

The appearance of a hematoma after a Glowcup care is very rare. It can be the result of a misusage (don't leave your cup static, on your skin without massaging) or of a fragile network of superficial blood vessels. If so, it would be advisable to stop your Glowcup care for a few days (until the hematoma completely disappears) and to try again later. Meanwhile you can still use your Miniglow that won't cause any hematomas.

6. I use Glowcup on my face, my neck, and my cleavage. Can I use it on other areas of my body ?

It is possible to massage other areas of your body with your Glowcup, for instance to treat old scars (see instructions). But keep in mind that Glowcup accessories (Glow and Miniglow) are adapted to face skin, and to the size of the area to treat. Glowcup won't have the same results on other more extensive areas of your body, where you skin is different. And if you want to have a firming effect on your thighs, hips..., it will be more efficient to use our other star product, the Cellu-cup.


1. How much time does it take to see the benefits of Glowcup, and how do I see them ?

If you use Glowcup daily, in a week, your skin will begin to change. It will be firmer, softer, and healthier. Your skin will simply look more beautiful and you will look better !

2. I already have some wrinkles. Can Glowcup make them go away ?

If they are fine and not too deep, Glowcup can reduce them, smooth them. Concerning deeper wrinkles, Glowcup can slow their development down, but keep in mind that it won't make them disappear ! It will stop them from getting deeper and will slow down the arrival of new ones.

Glowcup care can delay wrinkles if it becomes part of your beauty routine when your skin starts to age (around 30 years old).

Face, neck, bust: Boost your care with Glowcup!

During our life, the marks of time (wrinkles, dark circles, pockets, old acne scars ...) are more present on the face. This evolution is normal and the way to counter it radically does not exist yet ... However, Glow cup is the accessory that can slow the effects of time on the skin. ... the sucker for face Glow cup helps you alleviate all these small defects.

How? The technique is simple: by massaging your face with Glowcup with appropriate care (rich cream, eye contour ...). These cupping treatments stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and tone the facial muscles. The skin simply becomes more beautiful, more luminous. The massage performed with the suction cup for face also has the advantage of activating the blood microcirculation. The skin, stimulated, is more radiant.

To suit all skin types and all areas of the face, stroke and bust, Glow cup care consists of two suction cups: Glow for larger and Miniglow for targeted or sensitive areas. Glow cups have become the essential accessory of all beauty addicts.

To find out more about your skin, the care to be performed on a daily basis, cupping care, do not hesitate to read our different sections.
Many tips await you.


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