Adopting a beauty routine

Beauty routine, rituals, layering… We all have heard of a certain number of supposedly indispensable steps to take care of our skin. What is the right approach?

It is simply about choosing the right attitude and products for your type of skin. Some simple beauty products for every budget. Combined with the right application method, in the right order, and voilà!

In the morning and the evening: different routines!

First, whether you have chosen a long or a quick beauty routine, your skin has different needs at the beginning and at the end of the day, that is why you should use different products.

In the morning, you need to "prepare" your skin for the day, and to give it all the necessary tools to defend itself against daily aggression (UV, air conditioning, pollution…).

In the evening, however, you need to pay special attention to cleansing (your make-up removal, or even if you are not wearing any, you need to get rid of everything that has accumulated on your skin during the day) before you can comfort and pamper you face. The next morning, your skin will look more beautiful!

Morning care : putting up a "shield" for the day

Be careful, a shield doesn't mean applying too many products on your skin, because it won't be able to breathe ! You are simply preparing it for the upcoming day.

An example of beauty routine :

  1. A light and quick cleansing. For instance, spray thermal or floral water on your face and wipe it with a clean towel. If your skin is oily or if you are struggling with acne, use a soft face product.
  2. A lotion (without alcohol and aggressive excipient) to gently stimulate your face.
  3. A moisturizing serum.
  4. Tired eyes? Wake them up with a quick Miniglow massage and our care: "Pour tes beaux yeux"
  5. Finish your routine with a nourishing day cream. If you spend a lot of time outside, use a day cream with SPF. You can also choose an anti-pollution day cream.

Your are all set, now if you want to, you can put your make-up on!

Evening care : focus on make-up removal and cleansing !

Even if it is late and you feel tired, or if you simply don't feel like taking care of your skin, you should never forget to remove your make-up ! If there is one step of your evening beauty routine you should never skip, it is make-up removal. If you are not wearing any make-up, it is still important to get rid of what accumulated on your skin during the day.

An example of beauty routine:

  1. Remove your make-up, use an oily remover for resistant make-up. Even if your skin is oily, you can use an oily make-up remover ! You just need to pick the appropriate product. Besides, you will remove the product with the next step.
  2. Cleansing, this time use a proper cleanser (unlike you morning product) that will remove the remaining make-up and impurities.
  3. Rinse (thoroughly) with clear water, then with a floral or thermal water for your skin comfort and to avoid tight pulling sensations.
  4. Apply you night cream. Night care are often generous creams and keep your skin nourished all night long.

Now is the time to include a new step into your beauty routine with a Glowcup massage ! You will boost the benefits of your cosmetics : by massaging your skin with Glowcup, the active ingredients in you creams will "heat" and penetrate your skin more deeply. Mechanical benefits of massage + maximized active ingredients = winning combination !

Find out about our creams specifically designed for Glowcup massage : "Bien dans ma peau" and "Pour tes beaux yeux" here.

Face, neck, bust: Boost your care with Glowcup!

During our life, the marks of time (wrinkles, dark circles, pockets, old acne scars ...) are more present on the face. This evolution is normal and the way to counter it radically does not exist yet ... However, Glow cup is the accessory that can slow the effects of time on the skin. ... the sucker for face Glow cup helps you alleviate all these small defects.

How? The technique is simple: by massaging your face with Glowcup with appropriate care (rich cream, eye contour ...). These cupping treatments stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and tone the facial muscles. The skin simply becomes more beautiful, more luminous. The massage performed with the suction cup for face also has the advantage of activating the blood microcirculation. The skin, stimulated, is more radiant.

To suit all skin types and all areas of the face, stroke and bust, Glow cup care consists of two suction cups: Glow for larger and Miniglow for targeted or sensitive areas. Glow cups have become the essential accessory of all beauty addicts.

To find out more about your skin, the care to be performed on a daily basis, cupping care, do not hesitate to read our different sections.
Many tips await you.


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